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About the Total Horsemanshiptm Program

Total Horsemanshiptm is applying knowledge to our interaction with horses resulting in a relationship that is both meaningful and enjoyable for horse and rider. Total Horsemanshiptm considers the TOTAL horse. It is the natural horsemanship approach, coupled with understanding the "total horse" - how they think, their natural instinctive behavior, their varying personality traits and how those traits relate. It also considers basic anatomy, their physical and nutritional needs, along with a solid understanding of conformation- form to function, tack, saddle fitting, injury and pain management, "barn management" and more. It develops interaction specifically for each individual horse. The Total Horsemanshiptm approach is as ground breaking as the natural horsemanship approach initially was when the pioneers in natural horsemanship began teaching it. Total Horsemanshiptm is crucial to experiencing a relationship between horse and rider that is optimal, that establishes a unique trust and results in a higher level of performance. It makes TOTAL sense!

Read the whole story about how and why Christa developed Total Horsemanship . . .

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The Total Horsemanship Programtm

Total Horsemanshiptm Clinic I
This clinic teaches Total Horsemanshiptm techniques and establishes “building blocks” from which other more advanced movements come from. Appropriate for the beginner to the experienced. These techniques aid in establishing:

  • Respect on the ground and then on your horse’s back
  • Choosing your horse’s headset
  • Softness
  • Straightness and bend
  • Collection
  • Shoulder-in
  • Haunches-in
  • Speed control
    … and more. 

Total Horsemanship Clinictm II - Prerequisite: Total Horsemanshiptm Clinic I (the “building block” techniques)
This clinic teaches Total Horsemanshiptm techniques useful for accomplishing the higher level movements such as:

  • Lead changes
  • Elevating the withers
  • Advanced lateral work
  • Half pass
  • Side pass
  • Piaffe
  • Sliding stop
  • Passage
  • Spin
  • Canter pirouette
  • ... and much more.

Total Horsemanshiptm clinics are scheduled throughout the year. They take place at Christa’s training facility and in various facilities throughout the country. (if you are interested in hosting a Total Horsemanship Clinictm contact Christa).

One Day Clinics: (Lunch included)
Basic introduction to Total Horsemanshiptm.
Total Horsemanship Clinic I- $150 to ride, $30 to audit
Total Horsemanship Clinic II- $150 to ride, $30 to audit

3-5 Day Clinics: (Lunch included)
More in-depth and detailed Total Horsemanshiptm clinic.
$125 per day to ride, $25 per day to audit

Clinic Registration.


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Total Horsemanship
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