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Addressing the total horse and horse owner from the ground up. Every horse needs a firm foundation from which to build upon and so does every horse owner. I can train any horse, but if the owner doesn’t know how to ask for the cues I teach the horse, or as importantly “why”, they aren’t going to get the ride they are desiring.

“Total Horsemanship” comprises:

“These methods will improve all breeds, in all disciplines and all ages of horses 100% of the time.”

I also include teaching in proper equine management: i.e. safety, health, nutrition, emergency care, etc., and in things such as proper saddle fitting, appropriate bits, how to care for your tack, grooming techniques, etc.

Christa Petrillo

Christa Petrillo

Beneficial to all... from the experienced horse-person to the beginner.

I recognize that each horse and horse owner is an individual, and try to address each aspect of that dynamic as it presents itself. For more information or an evaluation call Christa Petrillo at (707) 688-4358.

Bridle Work with Christa Petrillo
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Round Pen Technique with Christa Petrillo
Horseman’s News August 2009
Horseman's News August 2009
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"All things work together for good to those who love God and are called according to His purpose." Romans 8:28

Christa Petrillo
Total Horsemanship
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