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Trainer, Christa Petrillo, has started, fixed and trained to higher levels, literally hundreds of horses throughout her life. Perhaps it is her Dutch heritage (for the Dutch are notorious for being detailed, exacting and thorough) or perhaps her Italian heritage that gives her a suitable disposition for the challenging; but for certain the combination creates within her, passion with precision in everything equine. Her unique approach to training and teaching has been her "MO" since childhood: Total Horsemanshiptm. The approach is all inclusive as the name suggests and addresses the "total" horse. The Total Horsemanshiptm approach is an individual approach that factors in equine behavior, equine personality traits, health, nutrition and physical aptitude, conformation: form to function, stabling management, proper tack, saddle fitting, farrier work, emotional or mental health/life events/pain management, etc. The Total Horsemanshiptm approach to interaction with your horse is thorough and the best pathway for success in a relationship that is enjoyable for both the rider and the horse.

Christa Petrillo's "Total Horsemanshiptm" video series are interesting, often entertaining, will make you think, will expand your equine knowledge, keep you engaged and leave you desiring to learn even more. Christa always presents the unexpected and it is common for people to exclaim, "I didn't anticipate learning so much about so many different facets regarding just one subject, in such a short period of time! I was riveted!"

The depth of Christa's knowledge is immediately apparent and completely and easily relatable. People "get it", horses "get it"; it all makes sense.

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In April of 2013, Christa was contacted regarding some "wild horses" that were on a newly acquired ranch. She agreed to take a dozen of the horses to train and re-home. Once involved with the project she came to understand there was a story to be told about these amazing horses and their legendary bloodlines. She is involved with producing a documentary about these horses. Following are a couple of video trailers of the documentary that is still in production:

The Lost Legend Horses Series:

Gabriel and the Lost Legend Horses: (trailer coming soon)

The Pintoloosa Surprise


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